How Do I Talk to A Real Person at White Castle?

In order to talk to a real person at White Castle, please use only the following White Castle phone number: 800-843-2728

Once you call the White Castle phone number above, you’ll hear a message from an automated phone system and then you will be able to talk to a live person at White Castle.

White Castle Mail Address

White Castle
555 W Goodale St
Columbus, OH
USA, 43215

The above Nationwide mail address, can be used in addition to talking to talk to a real person at White Castle, to send White Castle mail, registered mail or a package.

What Would Have Happened If Call Center Employees Were Honest?

More people are using the internet to purchase online but at the same time they still prefer to interaction with real human when it comes to dealing with customer service with any company and with White Castle.

According to PWC study, 75% of customers still choose to interact with a real person on customer service even when there is an amazing automated system to help them.

This website is here to provide you with real customer service phone numbers for White Castle and additional companies. We are spending our resources to make sure you get the best customer service number for White Castle and if you found a better number or that the information needs to be updated, please let us know using the contact us form or post on the comments below.

Customer Service Stats

White Castle Phone Number


Do you need help to speak to a real person at White Castle? Are you frustrated or tired waiting on the phone and never get the right person? we can help you.

Please use the contact us form or the form below to outline the details of your problem and how we can help you.

CSRP website crew is trained in any situation and happy to assist with your problem, helping you to manage your path in resolving your issue.

Our amazing service is complimentary and offered to clients in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom at this time.

What does a customer service real person can help you with? Here is the top list people call White Castle and other companies:

* Changing or cancelling existing accounts
* Technical support
* Upgrading and service issues
* Starting, adding, changing or cancelling services
* Cancellation and Refund requests
* Questions about charges and transactions
* COVID-19 restrictions / changes of service
* Complaints or concerns about a charge or a payment
* Questions about working hours and special working hours (holidays & COVID)
* Billing and payment issues
* Updating personal information
* Questions about opening a new account

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